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The Practice was formed in 1998 as Hansford Hornsby Architects evolving into SALT Architects in 2004. Careful growth has allowed a consistency of quality whilst maintaining design ambition. Our commitment to an ethos of improving the quality of the environment for all requires early investigation and a robust methodology. Our clients expect a risk free service which builds confidence in delivering projects on time and within budget.

We are a small to medium sized practice working out of our open-plan office in Beverley.

As a RIBA CHARTERED PRACTICE enjoying YORCONSULT and CONSTRUCTIONLINE status, the systems we operate fulfil the requirements of stringent Quality Assurance, Environmental, Equality, and Operational standards.

We understand that successful projects are born out of close working relationships. The practice works closely with other approved consultants, contractors from a select list and other stakeholders and is committed to ensuring best quality throughout the process. As a client you can expect to have an agreed communication strategy in place ensuring that you are updated as work progresses.

We strive for quality and value. We believe that early decisions form the basis of good design. That is why we place emphasis on the early stages of the Client/Architect/Brief/Site investigations. Appropriate methods of construction as well as a high level of understanding of materials and detail reduce cost as solutions are more coherently matched to the building programme.

The Staff team is experienced and highly qualified. All projects are the responsibility of one of the Directors. Work within the office is carried out by teams who are qualified, enthusiastic and have experience of delivering quality projects. SALT Architects have their own ‘in house’ design guide which incorporates RIBA Plan of Work.

Our core activity, one that encapsulates all of our thinking.

We believe that architecture is not an event but a process and that good examples of contemporary design can only result through a thorough understanding of site, the cultural context of the project and client brief.

Our work results from a development of a conceptual strategy born out of this investigation. Our multidisciplinary basis allows for a broader input at strategic points within a programme of development that often allows tangential investigation and solutions. Clients, allowing briefs to be re-evaluated, and who require more sustainable solutions welcome this approach. This has been of particular use in our work within local communities.

Within this context, we have experience of working with historic buildings and sites as well as designing and implementing contemporary buildings and landscapes.

Our expanding portfolio of work shows the confidence our clients have in delivering quality projects within budget and on time.

A robust methodology is used across all building types. As an emerging design practice we see the importance of expanding our portfolio of work in a controlled way. We are excited by working in new areas, the practice was built in the early years by carrying out work almost exclusively for third sector clients, you can see from our project pages that we now work across all areas.

All architecture and activity occurs within a landscape. External space, like internal space needs to be useful and inspiring.

Strategic and conceptual thinking born out of a deep understanding of site leads to appropriate and exciting solutions. Our approach in dealing with landscape projects is the same as that in all of our work, exploration and discovery within a rigorous methodology.

Our portfolio includes work within a wide spectrum from simple domestic gardens to complex city spaces.

The spaces between and adjacent to buildings are important, it is these areas that create the opportunity for interaction between people and the built form, interior and exterior.

One of the main considerations in our work is that of TIME. Development needs to be future proof and by establishing long term relationships with our clients we are able to offer advice on how a site will grow and change through phased interventions, this is of particular relevance with our education projects. Our clients enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that their future needs and aspirations are considered and developed in sufficient time to allow minimal disruption through shorter construction periods.

Cities are multi layered and hierarchical.

The public realm is often ignored in developer-led regeneration. Early intervention can increase the opportunities for creating appropriate spaces for living, shopping and recreational activities.

Our in house expertise of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Design provides the opportunity to establish frameworks for intervention and development which offer greater opportunity for enhanced environments which can be enjoyed by ALL.

Our work with Local Authorities includes feasibility for improving the Public Realm.

We also work closely with the Hull School of Architecture looking at larger areas of the City.

Light, colour, form and texture are the tools of the interior designer.

We view our interiors as architectural space which needs to fulfil our clients’ needs at a number of levels. Much of our work involves creating contemporary space within the shell of period buildings. Our approach as in all of our work involves us determining the quality and essential character of context, as important when working with interiors as it is with landscape and architectural interventions.

As a Chartered Practice our core services are as described within the RIBA plan of works. However we also offer a wide range of complimentary services to the benefit of our clients.

These include:

Facilities Management
Feasibility studies
Measured land and building surveys
Topographical surveys
Computer modelling
Model making
Project Management
Reprographic Services